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online yoga

Enjoy private yoga classes from your office, home, hotel or anywhere with an internet connection. Reduce stress & pain, improve sleep & posture while developing strength, flexibility and balance.

What do you get?

• Personalized one-on-one instruction with feedback and verbal adjustment

• Accountability to practice with a yoga professional at a set date and time

•Flexibility to practice from anywhere at a time that works for your schedule

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What do you need?

• A yoga mat
• Water
• Props that you enjoy (optional) such as blocks, bolsters, straps, etc.
• An internet connection and web camera with microphone
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º single 45-minute virtual yoga class - $49
º 4-week package with one 45-minute session each week - $179

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Is it okay and I’m not flexible, not a “yoga person,” or am new to yoga?

Yes, yes and yes! Your one-on-one sessions are designed especially for you, your body and your abilities. Online yoga is perfect for practitioners new to yoga who are new to yoga and have a lot of questions as well as for practitioners looking to develop their flexibility and strength. No previous experience is required!

Is it okay if I have a regular yoga practice but want to work on certain postures or concepts?

Absolutely! Want to work on a certain series? Backbends? Inversions? Always wanted to get into the splits or a handstand? Interested in deepening your meditation or pranayama techniques? I cater my instruction to YOU so ask away and we’ll work on your goals together!

What type of yoga do you teach?

I am a 200-YRT yoga teacher who teaches the 84 asanas of hatha yoga including the 26+2 series, vinyasa yoga and yin yoga. Each class is designed for what your body needs and what you wants out of your yoga practice. Want to learn to meditate and stretch? Great! Want to sweat and build strength? Great! More into relaxation? Injury recovery? Gaining energy? Sleeping better? Your one-on-one classes will be designed for you and will build on each other week to week.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you a full rang of motion. Leggings, workout shorts, tank tops, sports bras, tee shirts and the like are all good choices. Avoid clothes that are too baggy or too constricting. Typically yoga is done in bare feet.

How and when do I pay?

Once you have filled out the online sign up you will receive an invoice and class time options based on your selected availability and my schedule openings. All payments must be received via PayPal before your first class.

When should I arrive?

Your scheduled class time will be 45 minutes but please allow 1 hour for your class. Arriving 10 minutes early allows you to de-stress, log-in and center yourself before class. Allow 5 minutes after class to relax and soak in your practice before continuing on with your day.

What is the cancelation/rescheduling policy?

Because your class time has been specifically reserved and planned for you, there is a strict 24-hour cancelation policy. Classes canceled more than 24 hours in advance can be rescheduled at no extra charge within 6 weeks from your package start date. Classes canceled less than 24 hours in advance are charged a the full non-refundable price. Classes not used or scheduled within 6 weeks of your package start date are forfeited.

Can you help me with my Skype account?

Skype is an easy to use free video conferencing service that allows for texting, voice and video calls from your computer or tablet. A phone screen is possible but not recommended due to it’s small size. Check out Skype’s trouble shooting for IT problems. Make sure your account is set up and audio and video are working before your first class!

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