Regina G Beach

The only constant is change.

Itinerary: Egypt

14 days in Egypt

While Egypt is on a different coast and 2,300 miles away from Morroco, we couldn’t resist a
jaunt over to take in the Pyramids and history of the Nile. Egypt is not a Francophone country and the grant period will be over, meaning we’ll be free to relax and play. 

Day 1-2

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and with xx inhabitants it’s a big city with lots of restaurants, museums, parks and the Nile rive flowing through it. We’ll walk through Tahrir Square, check out the mummies at the Egyptian museum and check out the famous Mosques. 

Day 3

Giza is what most people think of when Egypt is mentioned as it’s home to the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids. Since it’s only on the other side of the Nile from Cairo, we’ll take a day trip there and return to Cairo at night for more food and fun. 

Day 4

Cairo is also full of Coptic history chronicling the early Egyptian Christians with old churches and a museum. The souq or bazaar in Cairo is said to be one of the most epic market experiences on the planet with vendors selling precious metals, spices, clothing, and coffee. 

Day 5-6

Saqqara lies 19 miles south of Cairo and was the site of the necropolis or cemetery of the ancient capital city of Memphis. We’ll see Djoser’s step pyramid, one of the earliest examples of Egyptian pyramid.

Day 7

Luxor has ancient ruins right in the city. The Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are just across the Nile on the West bank. It’s one of the sunniest, driest cities in the world with temperatures averaging above 100º F in the summer. It’s gonna be hot.  

Day 8-12

Nile, nile crocodile. Hopefully we’ll see some giant lizards and some hippos (from a distance) on our 5-day river cruise down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. I’ve never been on a cruise but literally everyone I’ve talked to who has traveled to Egypt tells me I have to do it because it’s amazing. So I’m going. 

Day 13

Aswan is on the Nile and is home to archeological sites including the Philae Temple complex, the Temple of Isis and Ephantine Island which has the Temple of Khnum from the Third Dynasty. Aswan is home to Nubian people, who are indigenous to southern Egypt and Sudan.

Day 14

We end out time in Egypt where we start in Cairo before flying back through Portugal to the States.